Fishing in Miami FL! A Complete Guide for Travelers

Fishing in Miami FL

Miami is a great place to visit. The “Magic City,” as it is called, has great weather, stunning beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. Most people are unaware that fishing in Miami FL is as good as the city itself. You’ll find huge fish everywhere in this tropical paradise, from shallow flats to the open ocean.

This article will explain what makes this area of Florida special. Learn where to fish, how to fish, and what to target. Also, you’ll find information on local tournaments and licenses. It’s a complete guide for travelers to fishing in Miami FL.

The Best Fish to Catch in Miami

Miami is the city of stars, the winter home of the famous and rich. The local waters are filled with A-listers in sport fishing. You can even travel to the Bahamas from here to explore the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Miami is home to fish that are not even considered top-notch elsewhere. Meet the stars of Miami’s fishing scene.


Tarpon is the undisputed king of Miami’s shallows. They are impossible to predict and even harder to catch. Miami is a great place to challenge your fishing skills. Silver Kings are found in the shallows of Biscayne Bay between May and July. There are usually a few Tarpons that hang around the rest of the year. It’s important to know how to locate them.

Tarpons can weigh over 100 pounds and pull unsuspecting anglers from their boats. But it’s not only the giants that are chased here. Local anglers often prefer to target smaller fish, in the 20-40 lb weight range. These “princes” are much more aggressive and are favorites in the fly-fishing scene of Magic City.


Around Miami, there are hundreds of wrecks and reefs. Each of them has a variety of tasty, large-bottom fish. Local fish lovers are attracted to Red and Black Grouper. Gag Grouper is also a popular target. You can also find more rare Groupers in deeper waters like Scamps and Snowies. Try spearfishing for Grouper for a change.

There’s a species on the reef that dwarfs all others: Goliath Grouper. These monsters can weigh up to hundreds of pounds. This is the biggest heavy tackle you can get.


Tarpons are the kings in the shallows, but Sailfish is the star of Miami’s deep-sea fishing scene. With their mohawk-shaped sails and color changes, they’re as dramatic as any fish. When you catch one, it will spin, jump, and “walk” across the surface of the water to try and throw your hook. They are also the fastest fish in the ocean.

What makes fishing in Miami FL a great place to catch Sailfish? First of all, they are around most of the time. In addition, they can be found just a few miles from shore. Kite fishing is another way that locals catch them. This trolling variation skips the bait across the surface so that you can see your sail rise out of the water before the fish take your lure.


South Florida anglers are the originators of modern Swordfishing. The first daytime Swordfishers were South Florida anglers. They also discovered many tricks we now consider commonplace. Swordfish is the ultimate goal of Miami’s most adventurous anglers. This is the perfect place to test your skills if you are up for it.

Fishing in Miami for Swords is not only great because of the local crews’ expertise. These fish thrive in the waters. Just a few miles away from the shore, they can reach incredible depths. The warm Gulf Stream waters also feed them. This means the big Swordfish is actively hunting at night as well as during the day. It’s no wonder that people are so good at catching Swordfish here.

Peacock Bass

Fishing in Miami is not limited to saltwater. In the city’s canals, you can also find huge Peacock Bass. The first Peacocks came from South America in order to fight the invasive Tilapia. Since then, the peacock has become a favorite of Floridians and a full-fledged game fish. You can see why.

Peacock Bass are aggressive and colorful. The Peacock Bass also enjoy the heat and will tag out other native species such as the Largemouth Bass when the water becomes too hot for them. You can fish all year long if you are able to handle the heat.

How to Fish in Miami!

You know what you want to catch, but do you know how? You can enjoy fishing in Miami FL in several different ways. It is important to choose the right fishing method for you, just as it is to select which fish you want.

Boat Fishing

The only way to reach Miami’s offshore bite is to board a boat. This also makes it easier to get closer to Tarpon. You’ll also be able to carry more gear. Just the boat is worth it. A fishing guide will save you a lot of time and money by taking you to the best spots for fishing.

Chartering a fishing boat in Miami is more expensive than other options. It’s still the best way for you to make the most of your day. This is the place to go if you want a great fishing experience and an unforgettable one. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also take a shared driftboat (commonly called a “party boat”).

Fishing in Miami FL – A World of Opportunity

Fishing in Miami has something to offer everyone. The city is surrounded by fish, from its inland waters to its offshore coral reefs. You can enjoy Miami’s best fishing from a number of different angles. What are you waiting for? See the magic of South Florida!

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